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The truly brilliant Stuplex including:

23 First Lines of Decadent Novels I Will Never Write by Jeff Young.

Only available in Stuplex 002 – Decadence. 


You hear it on the streets, in the bars, down the alleyways, from open windows:

Stuplex is coming! Stuplex is coming!”

You cock your ear to the breeze and hope for a clue to help unlock the meaning of this curious phrase, but the breeze is keeping the secret to itself. Or so you think.

An empty cardboard box tumbles along the pavement and rolls to a stop just ahead of you. An empty cardboard box just waiting.

A box just waiting to be filled.

What is Stuplex?

  • Stuplex is an evolving collaborative project created by writers, artists and musicians in Liverpool, UK. It originated as an idea in a pub and now exists as an artefact you can buy.
  • Stuplex is art, essay, sound, verse, fiction and more; each item is handmade, curated with loving care, and beautifully packaged inside a collectible box.
  • Stuplex is produced in themed editions, in a variety of formats, and published when it’s good and ready.
  • The theme of Stuplex 001, published in May 2014, was Decay.
  • The theme of Stuplex 002 is Decadence.


Stuplex 002: Decadence

The Stuplex 002 contributors are:

Mike Badger

Mike was a founder member of The La’s in the mid-80s, and now works as a musician and sculptor, as well as being a partner in Liverpool’s Viper record label.


Alan Dunn

Alan is a Glasgow-born artist who teaches at Leeds Metropolitan University. He often works in collaboration with other practitioners on pieces that are public, accessible and free.


Damon Fairclough

A writer and artist based in Liverpool (via a long lost Sheffield of the soul), Damon is a regular contributor to arts and culture publications across the north.


David Hering

David is a writer and academic who teaches at the University of Liverpool where he also researches contemporary and American literature.


Martin Heslop

Martin is a writer, composer and sound artist based in Liverpool. He has written words and music for the page, for release on record and for performance.


Richard James Hughes

Richard is a filmmaker with the independent Liverpool collective Bossfilm, whose works have screened at venues and festivals around the world.


Vidar Norheim

Vidar is a musician, composer and producer from Norway, now based in Liverpool. He is a member of Liverpool band The Wave Machines and frequent collaborator with Lizzie Nunnery.


Lizzie Nunnery

Lizzie is a writer and singer whose plays have been performed in theatres across the UK, and who has released two acclaimed albums in collaboration with Vidar Norheim.


A.E. Pearsall

A.E. Pearsall is a writer and artist whose work tends towards short fiction and text-based art. She was one of the original members of Liverpool’s Wild Writers collective.


Will Sergeant

An acclaimed musician and visual artist, Will was one of the founding members of Echo and the Bunnymen, with whom he continues to record and tour the world.


Jeff Young

A Liverpool-based writer and artist whose practice encompasses theatre, radio, sound art, writing and television, Jeff recently contributed to BBC Radio 3’s Kafka season.


How to buy Stuplex 002: Decadence:

Stuplex 002: Decadence will be published on 1 July 2015, and will be available to buy here.

Only 100 copies of Stuplex 002: Decadence will ever exist. Each copy is numbered and signed by all contributors.

The cost is £25 plus £5 worldwide postage.

For more information:


Facebook: www.facebook.com/stuplex

Twitter: @stuplex_art


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