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Alan Dunn 2013

London Road 1966, by Jeff Young, Martin Heslop and Alan Dunn, commissioned by Ian Brownbill for Composers Laboratory at Metal in Liverpool, June 2013


Alan Dunn – 2013

Wednesday 19 June 2013, London Road 1966 is presented as a work for eight iPads, voice and guitar, during the week-long Composers Laboratory.

Audio files available for download:

London Road 1966 (premix) (6’13”)

London Road 1966 (live) (6’13”)

Click for the London Road 1966 texts

1 thought on “LONDON ROAD 1966”

  1. So evocative. As someone who lives just off London Road, the ghosts are still very much alive every time I walk into town (especially P. Galkoff – butcher, the facade of which I ‘think’ is still there, but only just…).

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